A Post-Classical Classical Insult

You are either Mercury, on account of his love of money—or Nocturnus, who in Plautus’ Amphitryon slept while Jupiter joined Alcmene in adultery for two nights, which led to brawny Hercules being born—or certainly Father Liber, for his drunkenness, and the jug hanging from his shoulder, and his perpetually red face, and his foaming lips, and his violent outbursts.

…te esse aut Mercurium propter nummorum cupiditatem; aut Nocturnum, iuxta Plauti Amphitryonem, quo dormiente, in Alcmenae adulterio, duas noctes Jupiter copulavit, ut magnae fortitudinis Hercules nasceretur ; aut certe Liberum patrem pro ebrietate et cantaro ex humeris dependente, et semper rubente facie, et spumantibus labiis, effrenatisque conviciis.

—Jerome, Contra Vigilantium 10

Worth noting that the erudite Jerome names Father Liber instead of just Bacchus, I think.

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