Jerome on an “Illustrious” Man

Tiberian, the Baetican, wrote a bloated and contrived defense of himself while he was under suspicion after being accused of heresy along with Priscillian. But after his friends died, he was overcome by the tedium of his exile and changed his mind, and just as in the holy scriptures a dog returns to its vomit, he married a girl devoted as a virgin to Christ.

Tiberianus, Baeticus, scripsit pro suspicione, qua cum Priscilliano accusabatur haereseos, apologeticum tumenti compositoque sermone; sed post suorum caedem, taedio victus exsilii, mutavit propositum, et juxta sanctam Scripturam, canis reversus ad vomitum suum [Prov 16.11; 2 Pet 2.22], filiam, devotam Christo virginem, matrimonio copulavit.

—Jerome, De viris illustribus 123

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