An Etruscan hothead?

I will not pass over one famous example of a hearth in Roman literature. While Tarquinius Priscus was reigning, they say that a male sex organ suddenly formed from the ash in his hearth. It impregnated Ocresia, a captive handmaiden of Queen Tanaquil, while she was sitting there. Thus Servius Tullius, who succeeded to the kingship, was born. Later, when he was a boy, his head caught on fire as he was sleeping in the palace, and it was believed that he was the son of the family’s guardian spirit. This is why he was the first to institute the Compitalia games for guardian spirits.

Non praeteribo et unum foci exemplum Romanis litteris clarum: Tarquinio Prisco regnante tradunt repente in foco eius comparuisse genitale e cinere masculi sexus eamque, quae insederat ibi, Tanaquilis reginae ancillam Ocresiam captivam consurrexisse gravidam. ita Servium Tullium natum, qui regno successit. inde et in regia cubanti ei puero caput arsisse, creditumque Laris familiaris filium. ob id Compitalia ludos Laribus primum instituisse.

—Pliny the Elder, Historia naturalis 36.70

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