An Architect’s Wages

But I, Caesar, have not been bent on making money from my skill; I have esteemed poverty with a good reputation over wealth accompanied by obscurity. The renown that has fallen my way is small, but nevertheless, I will be known to posterity (I hope) by publishing these volumes.

Ego autem, Caesar, non ad pecuniam parandam ex arte dedi studium, sed potius tenuitatem cum bona fama quam abundantiam cum infamia sequendam probavi. Ideo notities parum est adsecuta. Sed tamen his voluminibus editis, ut spero, etiam posteris ero notus.

—Vitruvius, De architectura 6.p.5


Θεόδοτος ἀρχιτέκτων ἔχει ἐνιαυτο͂ μισθ[ὸ]ν ΗΗΗ[𐄑𐄑𐄐𐅛

Theodotos the architect takes his annual salary of 353 drachmas.

IG IV2 102.9 (building accounts at Epidauros)

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