An Athenian Ghost

There was in Athens a house that was spacious and roomy, but notorious and noxious. In the dead of night, the sound of iron would come about—and if you listened closely, rattling chains would be heard, at first far off, then closer. Soon after, an image would appear, an old man, emaciated and filthy, with a beard hanging low and shaggy hair; he wore fetters and shackles, and would rattle them with his legs and hands.

Erat Athenis spatiosa et capax domus sed infamis et pestilens. Per silentium noctis sonus ferri, et si attenderes acrius, strepitus vinculorum longius primo, deinde e proximo reddebatur: mox apparebat idolon, senex macie et squalore confectus, promissa barba horrenti capillo; cruribus compedes, manibus catenas gerebat quatiebatque.

—Pliny the Younger, Epistulae 7.27.5

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