Theodahad on Roman Exports

After the commencement of our rule was happily announced to you, conscript fathers, an agreeable occasion for discussion fell to us: that you acknowledge that we have chosen a judge whose speaking might adorn us. For the glory of the Republic lies in an eloquent quaestor who seems in our opinion to be the best at communicating and who keeps the laws of our forebears with firm resolve.

This is Patricius, honored already by words themselves, for he delights in perpetual praise given that his name is honorable. His studies at Rome produced his flowing way of speaking; he shows that his skills are deserving of the place’s value. For whoever has been able to learn there has earned praise everywhere: there, the Latin language is pure; there, sparkling words are learned with complete elegance. Other regions send out their lively balms and fragrant incense; Rome sends out eloquence, and nothing sweeter has been heard.

Post primordia nostri imperii vobis feliciter nuntiata congrua nobis contigit, patres conscripti, causa sermonis ut iudicem nos cognoscatis elegisse, cuius nos lingua possit ornare. quaestor enim eloquens rei publicae decus est, qui et vota nostra optime videatur edicere et antiquorum iura firmo consilio custodire.

Hic est enim Patricius suis iam vocabulis honoratus: nam perpetua fruitur laude, cui est honor in nomine: cuius affluentem facundiam studia Romana genuerunt: ostentans merito de loci dignitate peritiam. nam qui illic potuit imbui, meruit ubique laudari: ibi defaecatus sermo Latinus est: ibi discuntur verba toto nitore lucentia. aliae regiones viva balsama et olentia tura transmittant: Roma tradit eloquium, quo suavius nil sit auditum.

—Cassiodorus, Variae 10.7

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