Arnobius on the Gods

The reaper’s scythe, for instance, which is attributed to Saturn—that had been something to inspire fear in mortals, that they should prefer to live peaceably and cast off their malicious desires; and Janus, with his doubled head, or that toothy key by which he is distinguished; Jupiter, with a cloak and beard, holding in his right hand a piece of kindling fashioned like a lightning bolt; that gauntlet of Juno, or the little girl lurking under a soldier’s helmet; the mother of the Gods, with her drum; the muses, with their flute sand with their lutes; winged Mercury; shining Asclepius, with his serpent-bearing staff; Ceres, with her large breasts, or the drinking cup hanging in Liber’s right hand; Mulciber, with his craftsman’s clothes, or Fortune, with her horn filled with apples, figs, and autumn’s bounty; Diana, with her thighs half-covered, or Venus, naked and stirring up desire; Anubis, with his dog face, or Priapus, less important than his own genitals.

Falx messoria scilicet, quae est attributa Saturno, metum fuerat iniectura mortalibus, vitam vellent ut pacificam degere ac malitiosas abicere voluntates, fronte Ianus ancipiti aut dentata illa qua insignitus est clavis, riciniatus Iuppiter atque barbatus, dextra fomitem sustinens perdolatum in fulminis morem, Iunonius ille caestus, aut militari sub galea puellula delitiscens, deum Mater <cum> tympano, cum tibiis et cum psalteriis Musae, Mercurius pinnatus, anguifero nitens Aesculapius baculo, Caeres mammis cum grandibus aut in Liberi dextera pendens potorius cantharus, Mulciber fabrili cum habitu aut Fortuna cum cornu pomis ficis aut frugibus autumnalibus pleno, semitectis femoribus Diana aut ad libidinem concitans Venus nuda, Anubis canina cum facie aut genitalibus propriis inferior Priapus.

—Arnobius, Adversus nationes 6.25.1

Another Latin author specifying Liber (and Mulciber!) instead of Dionysus/Bacchus; see the post on Jerome here. I also love how the fear-inspiring attributes get less and less fear-inspiring as the passage goes on, right up until the kicker.

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