Scipio after Midnight

There is no reason to hesitate in saying this, too, which those people that I named earlier wrote down. Scipio Africanus was accustomed to go into the Capitolium really late at night, before daylight shone. He would order that the shrine of Jupiter be opened and would linger there by himself for a long time, as though he were consulting with Jupiter about the Republic. The custodians of that temple were often amazed that when he approached the Capitolium alone at that particular time, the dogs that went wild against others would neither bark at him or run up to him.

Id etiam dicere haut piget, quod idem illi, quos supra nominavi, litteris mandaverint Scipionem hunc Africanum solitavisse noctis extremo, priusquam dilucularet, in Capitolium ventitare ac iubere aperiri cellam Iovis atque ibi solum diu demorari quasi consultantem de republica cum Iove, aeditumosque eius templi saepe esse demiratos, quod solum id temporis in Capitolium ingredientem canes semper in alios saevientes neque latrarent eum neque incurrerent.

—Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae 6.1.6

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