Claudian on Spain

Let distant Spain hear—
Where the origin of the court flows from,
Where a home filled with laurels,
Pregnant with empire,
Can scarcely number its triumphs.
The husband’s father is from here,
The wife’s mother is from here,
And from both sides, the pedigree
Of the Caesars runs back,
Led to the river’s source.
Let the grasslands adorn Baetica,
Let the Tagus swell with gold,
And let the ancestor of their race,
Ocean, revel
In his crystal grottoes.

procul audiant Hiberi,
fluit unde semen aulae,
ubi plena laurearum
imperio feta domus
vix numerat triumphos.
habet hinc patrem maritus,
habet hinc puella matrem
geminaque parte ductum
Caesareum flumineo
stemma recurrit ortu.
decorent virecta Baetim,
Tagus intumescat auro
generisque procreator
sub vitreis Oceanus
luxurietur antris.

—Claudian, Fescennina de Nuptiis Honorii Augusti 2.22–36

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