Julian Bribes(?) His Soldiers

I ask you to lay off being angry for a little bit. You’ll get what you’re asking for without sedition or your passion for revolution. Since the sweetness of your homeland holds you back, and since you’re afraid of unusual and foreign places, go back at once to your homes. You’ll see nothing–because it displeases you–past the Alps. I will clear this up with the emperor to his satisfaction, as he is capable of reason and quite prudent.

Cesset ira quaeso paulisper: absque dissensione vel rerum adpetitu novarum impetrabitur facile quod postulatis. Quoniam dulcedo vos patriae retinet, et insueta peregrinaque metuitis loca, redite iam nunc ad sedes nihil visuri, quia displicet, transalpinum. hocque apud Augustum capacem rationis et prudentissimum ego conpetenti satisfactione purgabo.

—Ammianus Marcellinus, Res gestae 20.4.16

In context, Julian is giving the soldiers exactly what he wants, but I can’t help but detect a touch of sarcasm or guilt-tripping here…

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